Things are changing

I haven’t posted much lately for three reasons. I am going back to college in a few weeks for a very intense one year program in Graphic Design. And two, I was recently notified that I’ve been promoted at work. And my third reason, it seems all of my friends are celebrating birthdays this month and past month. 

Despite all this, I’ve been quite diligent about getting in a bit of exercise everyday and trying to eat well (there were a few hiccups at the parties, but nothing to cry about). My body feels stronger and my muscles, tighter. It’s a good feeling.

I, however, have been struggling with my energy levels. It seems more often than not, I’m exhausted and it certainly isn’t from a lack of sleep. I recently spoke with my Naturopathic Doctor, who recommended I try adding Spirulina to my diet. I’ve only been taking it in pill form for two days and already my energy is improving. I thought about purchasing it in powder form, but then thought of tasting fishy scented powder made me gag.


Brooke Weeber

Wow, I rarely reblog illustrations, but this is beautiful.


Brooke Weeber

Wow, I rarely reblog illustrations, but this is beautiful.

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Working out your inner thighs is vital in ensuring that your legs are in good overall condition. The inner thighs are the most neglected part of the legs, and many people fail to place sufficient importance on working out the inner thighs. There are many reasons that both men and women should spend time exercising their inner thighs:

Reducing the amount of excess flab or fat on the inner thigh can help make clothes fit better, reduce the chance of jock or heat rashes, and can help improve one’s overall appearance.

Strengthening the muscles of the inner thigh gives one more power to lift items with their legs, more power when kicking or running, and more strength in the legs overall.

Enhancing the flexibility of the inner thigh muscles helps to reduce the chance of injury, makes life easier, and can even enhance one’s lovemaking and sexual potency.

These are just a few of the simpler benefits of working out the inner thigh muscles, and it is vital that extra attention is paid to strengthening the inner thighs.

One of the best ways to work out the inner thigh muscles is by doing leg lifts. These leg lifts are exercises that use the weight of one’s legs to do the workout, and they are easy to do and require little in the way of coordination. Anyone can do leg lifts as an inner thigh workout, and the leg lifts can be done in any place where there is sufficient space.

Bless this post. Finally reasons to work the inner thigh OTHER than a thigh gap. 

^ Agreed, this is the truth for athletes, not just that “thigh gap”

Bolded one part for emphasis. ; )

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This has only made me want a cat even more. 


I joined this website called Fitocracy a few days ago and am loving it for the most part (some of the articles aren’t that exciting and seem pretty run of the mill, but I’m not there to read).

This website has captured the one and only thing I like about video games. Levelling up! Except this is way more fun than getting Mario to rescue the Princess (as you can probably guess, I am a child of the 90s who hasn’t played many video games).

I like the social aspect of the site. I do most of my workouts alone and even though a digital props is nothing like getting a fist bump or high five after a good session, it’s still nice and motivating. The community on Fitocracy seems friendly.

I’m not going to share my Fitocracy stats on tumblr and I’m probably not going to follow anyone who posts their Fitocracy stats on tumblr, but if you want a buddy on Fitocracy, my user name is ell0.


Haha, don’t click this link if you don’t know what satire is or if you’re one of those dour-faced vegans who can’t handle a satirical article that mentions animal slaughter (among many other things). 

Bad Banana

I went to the local city run gym this morning. After I finished my work out, I ate a banana in the lobby. Some guy came up to me and told me that if I was trying to lose weight, I shouldn’t be eating a banana because they’re high in fat. 

Are you kidding me? Where the fuck is he getting this from? There are foods far higher in fat content than that little banana I was eating. Bananas also have a lot of other good things going for them (yeah, cause fat, when the right kind is GOOD), like their high fibre and potassium content. And not to forget, they are delicious and wonderful in smoothies. 

Sure, bananas have sugar in them, but I don’t care because I’m likely using that sugar and two, the sugar in a banana is way better than refined sugars found in most commercially prepared foods.

I am still pretty pissed he assumed I was at the gym to lose weight. Yeah dude, every woman who goes to the gym is there to lose weight. Come on dude, get real. I want to find a women’s only gym that isn’t Curves or $80 a month, so I don’t have to deal with self-righteous dudes who take up too much space and spout out their fitness dogma.

A side note but one still pertaining to bananas, someone reblogged my banana orange mango smoothie photo and added a note about how bananas cancel out the vitamin c from the orange. I am skeptical of this claim, given that I made several google search attempts to find answers and found none. If you are going to make claims like this, back it up with some plausible form of research.

Homemade Vegan Pizza

I made this in about 45 minutes. I like thin crust pizzas so I only let the dough rise for the time it takes me to prep my toppings.

The dough is made out of baker’s yeast, honey, rye and whole wheat flour, water and olive oil. I wish I could tell you the measurements, but I did it all by making educated guesses. 

The toppings are Daiya mozzarella-style cheese, garlic, red onion, orange bell pepper, swiss chard, and mushrooms. All of the toppings except for the cheese were sautéed first. I didn’t have any tomatoes or tomato sauce, which is okay because I’m not a huge fan.

I put the pizza in the oven at 350 F and waited about 20 minutes until I noticed some browning along the edge of the crust and on the cheese.

And then I ate it.

I love homemade pizza but hate take away pizza or going out for pizza. Yuck. Making it is more than half the fun for me.